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About Us

Italy’s countryside is dotted with ancient villages to be revitalised and, in some cases, repopulated. The country’s villages offer some of Europe’s most exciting properties with huge potential. Most of them are off-the-beaten track, surrounded by stunning natural scenery and typically boast stunning stone architecture in varying states of disrepair.

Our partner ITS ITALY®, a London based company launched at the end of 2020, supports the growth and future investments in ancient Italian villages for the benefit of the entire community.

That’s where ITS LENDING plays its role.

We’ve built a platform that allows investors to choose from a preferred selection of the properties processed by ITS ITALY that have been already optioned by final buyers. We facilitate the investments in short term loans to co-finance each property project with our Finance Partners.

Thus, we aim to give everybody the opportunity to invest in a new, lucrative and rewarding asset class.


ITS Lending is the trademark of Crowdvillage Srl, an Italian company fully controlled by ITS ITALY. London based ITS ITALY®, was launched at the end of 2020 and it is part of the ITS Network of companies, which also includes ITS Magazine, ITS Clubhouse and ITS Card. The Network is controlled and owned by Italian entrepreneurs based in the UK since its origins and stands as a unique partner for the promotion of Italy in the world.

ITS® brand belongs to the Lifestyle Platform EAT DRINK LOVE ITALIAN which has been trading in the UK, Italy and internationally since 2014 promoting Made by Italians all over the world through Media and Events. In 2018 the Network started its activities as promoter of investments in the property and hospitality industry in the City of Genoa (ITS x Genoa), Sardinia (ITS x Sardinia) and Sicily (ITS x Sicily) which have been finally incorporated under the ITS ITALY format.

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