This document outlines the Terms and Conditions for use of the website www.itslending.it (the “Site”), for any party (the “User”) who wishes to make use of the digital services made available by Crowdvillage S.r.l. (“Crowdvillage”)

1. Registration

To make use of the services provided by Crowdvillage, registration to the Site is mandatory; this will allow the User to enter his/her own personal are (the “Reserved Area”).
To register, the User must enter his/her e-mail address and mobile phone number, as well as choose a password (jointly, the "Codes"). At the end of the registration process, once the required data has been entered, Crowdvillage will send a communication confirming the registration to the e-mail address provided by the User.
To complete the registration and enter the Reserved Area, the User must validate said e-mail address by clicking on the validate button in the e-mail.

2. Codes

Crowdvillage staff will only know the e-mail and mobile phone number, while the password will remain unknown.
The User is obliged to keep his/her password secret and for security reasons must not keep it or note it together with his/her e-mail on the same document, or on documents that are kept together.
The User is obliged to guard the Codes with the utmost diligence, to keep them secret, and not to communicate them to third parties for any reason whatsoever and is responsible for their improper use, however it may occur, including as a consequence of loss or theft.
In case of loss or theft of the codes, the User may request for Crowdvillage to block the services on the Site by sending a communication to supporto@itslending.it Use of the Codes on the Site will be deemed proof of identification of the User.

3. Services

To use the digital services on the Site and to finance the published Projects, the User will have to complete his profile by entering additional data and: (i) read and accept the Services Agreement with the Lender; (ii) read and accept the Payment Services Framework Agreement of Payment Institution Lemonway SA (“Lemonway”).
By completing the profile and uploading the required documents in the appropriate section, the User may be enabled by Lemonway to open a payment account, also called "personal wallet", which is necessary for the provision of the relevant digital services and to perform financing operations.
The User will not be able to access the services, in case of failure to pass the so-called "customer due diligence" that will be carried out by Lemonway.
All services provided by Crowdvillage and Lemonway, are regulated by specific contracts that will be submitted to the User and that the latter will have to sign in digital form before having access to the services.

4. User's personal data

Crowdvillage uses appropriate security measures to ensure the confidentiality of the User's personal data.
Each time the User gives his/her personal data to Crowdvillage for storage purposes, he/she will be required to read the appropriate information on the processing of personal data.

07-2021 Version